Author Topic: Matt Serra VS Mark Laimon conversation from TUF  (Read 2435 times)

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Matt Serra VS Mark Laimon conversation from TUF
« on: October 20, 2006, 01:33:06 PM »
Matt Hughes: What you guys doing today.
Matt Serra: Man, i'm tell ya, start with some weights then some sprints and me even get some (I couldn't understand him).
After that, that's when the training really begins.
Matt Hughes: So you guys have been doing some grappling with Laimon huh?
Matt Serra: Let me tell you something, this guy works hard for his money don't let anyone tell you different.
Marc Laimon: Every grappling day they end up boxing.  So it's like...I just try and make sure the pads don't float away.
Matt Serra:  Ah, go back to sleep Laimon....-----Huge laughter.....even hughes is laughing at him.
Matt Hughes: You know you two grappling could be interesting.  Gracie guy, oh Serra, serra Jiu jitsu, Laimon could be interesting. 
Matt Hughes(seperate) Well I...I was trying to get, you know, stir the pot a little bit. I knew serra's a gracie Jiu Jitsu guy and Laimons not a gracie fan at all.  so uhm, i started off the conversation by saying hey you know,  what if you two grappled. I would like to see two good grapplers go at it.

Matt Serra: I need work in areas but, my jiu jitsu feels tight.
Matt Hughes: You not, you not dodging him are you. Is there something wrong? Are you?
Matt Serra:  Am I dodging Laimon, no.
Matt Hughes:  That's my question.
Matt Serra:  Whaaaat? What are you getting at matty? Huh?
Matt Hughes:  I would like to see you two guys roll.
Matt Serra: Man, I not your little pet monkey Hughes.
Matt Hughes: He's definately not.
Matt Serra:  What's that?
Matt Hughes: My pet monkey, he's i mean he's here for a coaching job. 
Matt Serra: Good, i know man, the guy works hard(Hughes laughing), you saw him.
Matt Hughes: (still laughing) Okay, Okay i'll leave you alone.
Matt Serra: It's okay man, it's fine.
(Laimon interview) Matt Hughes was trying to setup a grappling match between matt and I.  I'm always reading to roll, i'll roll with any of the guys. But, ah, i  don't think matt wanted to roll.
Matt Hughes: Were you disappointed in the fight laimon?
Marc Laimon: In what?
Matt Hughes: In the fight.
Marc Laimon: Oh Man, I knew his Jiu jitsu sucked, i just laughed.  I almost had a fight in the parking lot, it was great.
(They show a clip of Hughes on top of royce hitting it and then ending, Rogan says complete and total domination then they go back to Laimon sitting down)
Marc Laimon: It was great.
Matt Serra: What's that.
Marc Laimon: Matt Hughes, you know utter decimation of Royce Gracie.
(Matt Serra interview) So, i heard Marc Laimon talking about how Royces fight with Matt Hughes and he's talking about Royce getting his ass kicked.
Matt Serra: I give Matt total props man but, i really don't like how disrepectful you are to Royce. You wouldn't know sh*t about it because you don't fight.
Marc Laimon: Yeah.
Matt Serra: no, yeah, f*ck yeah.
(Matt Serra interview) For awhle now i've been biting my tongue regards to Marc Laimon cause I don't want him running back telling the other team what I, you know my style, how i'm taking guys down and what not but, now I don't have that problem cause all the team mojo welterweights advance. Man, I jumped on it, and I let him how i feel and I didn't hold anything back.


Matt Serra:  Let me tell you something.  Royce lost, but also Royce fought.
Matt Laimon: He shouldn't have fought, he should have fight.
Matt Serra: ah he shouldn't have fought, no you should never fight bro.  You shouldn't fight bro.  You don't got what it takes to fight.
Marc Laimon: Huh?
Matt Serra: You don't got what it takes to fight.
Marc Laimon: I don't want to fight.
Matt Serra: No sh*t, you want to get here and sleep.
Matt Serra: I give matt all the respect in the world man because he champion and he fights and i give Royce all the respect in the world man because he fights alright.  A guy, listen a guy at a barstew talking like your talking i can understand man or behind a keyboard you know, you know why because they never fought man.
Marc Laimon:   I don't have a right to speak like this? Why don't i have a right to speak like this?  I can't state my opinion?
Matt Serra: You can state your Marc Laimon opinion all day long man, i don't give a sh*t but, i just saying you should have a little more respect for the guy because he gets in there and  puts it on the line and you don't.
Marc Laimon:  Why should I have respect for him when he talks down to everybody else who's competing. That oh all you need to do this, that my style is the best, i'm the best, these guys haven't fought three guys in a row so, he puts everybody else down so, is that okay?
Matt Serra:  Man listen before a fight listen to what matt hughes has to say, he states what he's going to do. What is Royce supposed to say, i'm going to go in there and get my ass kicked. You have to have confidence as a fighter bro and you don't know about that.
Marc Laimon: So what, fighting is not for everybody.
Matt Serra: hey f*cking right, definetly not for you.  But yet, you have a very good opinion about it and your an expert about it.
Marc Laimon: Oh so, you can't be an expert by watching something and studying things.
Matt Serra:  Yeah man, just sit there and watch, sit there and watch man, sit there and watch you talk about the guys who get in there and actually f*cking bleed.  You are like an expert swimmer who has never gotten in the pool. Alright? Yeah that's it.
Marc Laimon: And you're an expert at everything, you're an expert at everything?
Matt Serra: No, I'm definitely not, definitely not an expert at everything, not at all. You know, i know what i'm real good at,i know what I need work on.  The difference is if I get KTFO I'm still in there, you know.  And you know what, the one thing that won't change is you'll still be sitting right where your sitting being all Matt should have done this and matt should have done that. Man it's all safe sitting where your sitting bro.
Marc Laimon: Yeah
Matt Serra: Yeah, safe as hell.
Marc Laimon: Yeah it is, it's great.
Matt Serra:   Yeah, nice and cozy, Yeah, Dana is my check here.
Marc Laimon:  Great
Matt Serra: Yeah.  (The bleep out a curse word that i'm thinking is pussy or f*ggot)

Marc Laimon interview which he says he has a right to say whatever he wants because it's America.

They cut to Din Thomas who said Marc Laimon looked like a
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